#638 Glass Art Nativity

Acquired 2013

Bob and I attended our first Friends of the Creche Convention (an organization of Creche Collectors from across the United States to which I belong) in Cleveland, Ohio, this year, October 2013. The convention included creche displayed tours, an Amish Country tour, speakers, displays and vendors - all regarding the Birth of Jesus as told in the nativity story. On display was a unique glass art nativity set of all the traditional figures and animals. It was made by the students of Michelle Devitt. She is a K-12 art teacher, artist, curator, and creche collector. She combined her ability to teach glass art and her love of nativities and had her young students create the displayed nativity set. I was so impressed with what I saw. I met Michelle and we talked at great length about her collection and this lovely, displayed set. In the vendor shops I found this small one-piece nativity of the same glass art made by her students. Baby Jesus is imbedded into the base of the glass piece and Mary and Joseph are standing above Him. While the entire set was only for display, I was able to add the small one-piece nativity to my collection. Purchase price, $15.00, October 2013.