#58 Clear Crystal - With Mirror and Church

Acquired 1992

This clear glass nativity was a gift to me from Jackie (Conway) Tharpe on November 19, 1992. She gave this to me as a very belated birthday gift in that she had one and knew I collected nativities. She couldn't find one to purchase in March, during my birthday time, and waited until she could find one! It is six clear crystal pieces, and it is beautiful because it represents her love to me. I have set it on a clear mirror base which helps to reflect its beauty. I saw a similar set at Gottschalk's at the mall. The purchase price there was $9.95. It is a Centurion Collection set - A division of Frederick Atkins, Inc. - New York, NY.For Christmas, 1992, Dorene added a crystal lighted church to this set. With it being the backdrop and lighted, it adds much beauty and light reflection to this set.