#211 Tom Clark Set

Acquired 1998

Dr. Tom Clark, a noted artist of Gnome characters, from Carin Studio, also has designed nativity sets. Having released two designs in past years, he released a third design as of April 1997. Bob and Janine noticed the pieces in their Christmas shopping expedition at Bags and Baggage and wanted to add the set to my collection. Bob began my collection with Joseph, and Mary holding her son. He also added the three animals, cow, sheep, and donkey. These pieces are designed by Tim Wolfe as part of the Clark collection. Purchase price for the first five pieces, $148. I am missing the three kings - two are released and being held for me by Bags and Baggage. The third king will be released in 1999.While the Holy Family that I have is the third edition, the kings are a second edition. I purchased the three (second edition) kings from Bags & Baggage after the third king's release in July 1999.1. Casper II, released May 1998, $29.50, depicted as the oldest of the three and most elaborately dressed in a gold “top-hat” crown.2. Melchior, II, released July 1998, $29.50, depicted with a gold hat and red stone.3. Balthazar II, released April 1999, $29.50, depicted kneeling before the manger.4. Innkeeper II, released 2000, $29.50.5. Angel II, released 2000, $29.506. Camel, purchased, 2001, $29.50