#542 Nativity Tree Skirt

Acquired 2009

This amazing handmade stunning Nativity Christmas Tree Skirt is a gift to me from the love and labor of our friend Ann Gallant. She attended our 2008 Nativity Open House and mentioned that she had something for me she would complete someday. I couldn't have even begun to comprehend what she meant. I was tearfully overwhelmed when she came to our office in January 2009, with a Christmas Gift Bag for me. As I opened it up to see this gorgeous tree skirt, I couldn't believe my eyes. It is so exquisite and so perfectly hand stitched that it looks manufactured by an experience professional. Every stitch is exact, every sequence is individually sewn, and every sequence has an individual tiny bead on it to enhance the sparkle! She cut out each little piece - and all she had was a paper pattern. Each piece of stuffing had to be added separately. She worked on this on and off for three years - thinking of me with each stitch. What makes this gift even more special is that Ann is now 73 years old, and her eye site can still manage this small, tiny, detailed work! Thank you, Lord, for honoring me with this elegant piece through Ann!