#356 Avon Collectors Set

Acquired 2003

While my sister, Carole, was garage selling one Saturday May 2003, she stumbled across this gorgeous nativity collection and called me to see if I had an interest in the set or if I already had one. I told her that I had never collected the Avon set, although I knew it existed and at some point, I knew it was discontinued. Called Nativity Collectibles, exclusively for Avon, the pieces are white porcelain figurines. It was released from the years 1981 to 1985. She purchased the entire set of thirteen pieces including the hand-stained stable all in excellent condition original boxes! This set would have sold $30 to $60 per piece depending on size. I was able to purchase the entire set for just $30.00. The pieces were released as follows:The Holy Family * Mary, Joseph, and the Baby, 1981 * The Kings, Balthazar, Gaspar & Melchior, 1982 * The Shepherd Boy, the Shepherd, and the Lamb, 1983 * Camel and Donkey, 1984 * Angel and the Stable, 1985Mark's Avon Set - Our son, Mark now living and working in Naches, WA, visited an antique shop in the summer of 2005 and saw this white alabaster set from Avon. Mark wanted to know if I had this nativity set. I did have a complete Avon set but unsure if I had all the pieces or if this set might be different. When Mark said the 9-piece set was only $20 I told him to buy it! He brought it to me in November 2005, when he came to bring the bees down to California for feeding and almond pollination. When I saw it, I realized it is the same set, but this one was in its original boxes. This set has nine pieces (the other one has 12) and does not have a second shepherd, camel, or angel.