#898 Laser Engraved Baltic Birch

Acquired 2022

As a complete surprise “hostess gift” from Allen and Pennie, residing now in Tennessee, this barn style nativity arrived by Fed Ex. I’m told they were at an Arts and Craft Festival in Bell Buckle, TN with 100 previously selected vendors. Allen saw this detailed piece and wanted it to be a tribute to their new home in Tennessee for me to display at my nativity showing this year.The nativity was hand-crafted by Heather VandanBusch of Middle Tennessee Engraving. The barn is a three-dimensional laser engraved cutting from Baltic Birch plywood. The Baltic Birch is native to the Eastern European Baltic Sea areas. Heather laser cuts each “slice” of wood about 1/8” thick and glues the “slices” together to form her figures and designs. For example, Mary is nine pieces of 1/8” thick Baltic Birch and formed to create the figure. This unique set is mounted as one piece including the barn, grass and plants around the barn, a wagon wheel, and star hanging from the middle of the barn with a feeding trough next to Mary, Joseph, and the Baby. The sheep are gathered under cover behind the fence in the back of the barn. The scalloped roof line includes 15 pieces layered together.Allen and Pennie revealed to me the purchase price of their special gift - $80. Thank you, brother-in-law and sister, for your thoughtfulness.