#496 Home Interiors Nativity 2007

Acquired 2007

Needing a particular shelf that I saw in a Home Interior catalog, I noticed an Open House sign at my neighbor's house, Barbara Vargas, on December 1, 2007, as I passed by, so I stopped to check out the shelf! Besides the shelf, I saw an elegant, beautiful authentic nativity set on display. Barbara said that Home Interior issues one every year and this was the 2007 issue. The large stable backdrop is probably the most detailed, intricate, realistic stable that I have ever seen. It looks so authentic to what a barn in the dry lands of Bethlehem could be like and yet has the appearance of a cave. The stable itself has several individual parts that can easily be moved to create a different appearance each time that it is displayed. The nativity set, entirely separate from the stable, has beautiful elegance and yet blends in perfectly with the humbleness of the stable and barn. The character faces have believable realistic features. The nativity has 10 pieces including Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. There are the three kings, the shepherd with his lamb, the donkey laying down with his burden of necessities that Mary and Joseph would have needed to travel, and, of course, the cow and the angel. The stable creates a place for the angel to stand above the Holy Family. The set retails for $170.00, but in her Christmas Open House her Christmas items were half price. So, the price to me was $85.00. An elegant addition to my collection.