#117 Ashton-Drake Nativity Collection - O Holy Night

Acquired 1994

This very special, unique collection was started for me by my husband for Christmas, 1994. I have been wanting this set since it was first released in 1993. My set begins with the Holy Family. This is the first issue in the Oh Holy Night collection of nativity figures by doll artist Julie Good-Kruger. Since 1977 she has been creating incredibly lifelike child dolls dressed in costumes of the highest quality materials. Each figure, from 11” to 14” high, has a head and limbs cast in porcelain, and is hand painted to capture the gentle reverence of his or her features. Each is costumed in traditional Biblical garb, in a rich palette of colors. Each figure has the appropriate accessories to add unusual richness and charm to the display. Best of all, the Oh Holy Night collection is poseable. I can change the positions of the characters and the scene takes on new life and meaning. Each piece is sent to me in two payment installments. The set was completed in 1996. The beginning purchase price for the Holy Family was $129.95. Each additional doll was $59.99.The entire set includes: (1) The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, and the Baby). (2) Blue King with Myrrh. (3) Purple King with Frankincense. (4) Kneeling King with Gold. (5) Shepherd with Pipes. (6) Shepherd Boy with Sheep. (7) Angel on High.I was displaying this incredible set at a Garden Club event and a candle was lit nearby. As I was explaining the nativity, my mom (who also attended) noticed smoke - the candle had touched the dress of Mary and it was on fire! Quickly doused, only the underskirt was affected and can be easily hid and tucked away. She still is beautiful!