#681 Bottle Nativity

Acquired 2014

This most unusual set contains 15 pieces - 12 bottles and three glass art sheep! The birth of this set goes back to last October 2013, as Bob and I attended the Friends of the Creche Nativity conference in Cleveland, Ohio. While there I saw a bottle nativity - bottles shaped into figures!!!! I found the creator of the set - Michele Devitt,who was a retired elementary and high school art teacher who taught various art crafts and blown glass art in Ohio. I sheepishly asked if she would consider doing a nativity set for me and she shocked me with, YES!!!Once I was back home and we were emailing each other about bottles she could use, it dawned on me maybe we could use our own bottles - Bob has been collecting a few bottles for years! She said I could send her what I had, and she would decide if they could be used. I sent her two dozen bottles - the old baby bottle Bob found years ago, three of his Avon men's cologne-colored bottles, several of the Coke and related soda bottles we had, some old milk bottles and about three bottles that we dug up out of the ground by the shop. The “dug up” bottles probably were from old garbage buried over 40 years ago before we owned the property! She was able to draw from our collection so that all but one of the 12 nativity bottles are from our collection - including three that were dug up!!!! The backdrop “star” is not from our collection but is a California wine bottle that Michele had and used.The set includes the cologne bottles as the three kings, the baby bottle and Coke bottle as two shepherds, a Coke bottle as an angel, the California wine bottle as the star, a “dug up” Nesbit Orange Crush bottle as Mary, a “dug up” textured bottle as Joseph. Baby Jesus is made from a mini jelly jar. His manger is a slumped Sprite bottle. The brown stable was an old “dug up” bleach bottle. Her work is incredible and makes my bottle set quite personal. Her meager charge for this exquisite delicate art talent was just $250.