#227 Childhood Dreams - Kathe Wohlfahrt

Acquired 2000

Artist, Gudrun Galler, of the Design Studio of Kathe Wohlfahrt in Rothenburg, Germany, (and in Oberammergau) designs and creates original art in wood. She draws her inspirations from children to nature. Her farm in Bavaria was an ideal place to observe both and to witness small children at play sparked her to create her Limited Edition, “Childhood Dreams” Holy Family Collection for the Millennium Year 2000.This edition was inspired for the year 2000 and is made of natural wood and completely hand painted. Only 2000 sets will be made and sold. Each piece is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. I purchased my set while visiting her store in Oberammergau. The fourteen-piece set was 1057.56 DM - translated to $528.17. June 2000.