#656 Lennox Terry Fasel Nativity

Acquired 2013

We have been working with an almond broker from Portland, OR, Terry Fasel, for the last three years or so, and we have become very good friends at a personal level. Janine and I often compare family notes with him, his wife, Lisa, and their three children. Therefore, he has become acquainted with my nativity collection. As a complete surprise, a box arrived in our office from his office, Northwest Commodities! When I opened it, to my awe and wonder, I found this elegant, green-toned complete Lennox Nativity set! He said he assigned the selection of a nativity to his secretary, Linda - and this was her choice!The elegant green accented nativity is from the Lennox 3” to 4” collection size (they have several sizes of their nativity designs) and this set contains 11 stunning pieces. I chose to leave the nativity in our office and place it on the main counter for all guests to view when they come to our office. What a blessing to have them be able to observe the true meaning of Christmas and the beauty of this gifted set! December 2013.