#447 Clayworks

Acquired 2006

This is a new release from a company that has been a leader in colored clay pieces and figurines for years. The nativity set is a first for Clayworks. Canadian artist, Heather Gondminc, a designer of Blue Sky, the presenter of Clayworks, has captured the splendor of Christmas with elegance, simplicity and yet quite whimsical. Each Clayworks piece is hand painted and then fired up to five times before being trimmed with 24 karat gold. I'm always excited when I see secular companies choose to honor the birth of Jesus by adding a nativity collection to their line. I saw this 8-piece set while visiting Old Sacramento with our wonderful Aunt Kathi (my sister-in-law) after the Women of Faith seminar in September 06. Of course, it had to be added to my collection. Purchase price, $79.99.