#763 River Rock

Acquired 2016

An awesome surprise gift to me from my husband, Bob, for our 55th Anniversary, November 22, 2016. I was totally and completely surprised as he handed me a beautifully wrapped box that I could hardly carry! Inside, I found one of the most unique nativities in my collection - a nativity set made from large pieces of cut stone from a riverbed. Each piece probably weighs about one pound - the tallest piece is Joseph - about five inches tall. The stone was cut to create the appearance of a person. Round stone were carved, sanded, and glued to create heads. Wire metal was used to create the look of each of the character's traits. Wire crowns are used for the three kings. Wire horns and tails are used to create the donkey, cow, and sheep. Wire halos are used for Mary and Baby Jesus. Angel wire wings and a wire halo are used for the angel. A wire staff is for Joseph. A separate small stone is the base for the wire strand for the wire star! Carole found this set at Portico's in McHenry Village. As is the usual plan, she messaged Janine who said her dad would love to buy it! So, he did and I'm so glad! Purchase price, $197.00.