#226 Tony Baur – Oberammergau

Acquired 2000

While visiting the Passion Play in Oberammergau, I went nativity shopping in the many gift shops in this quaint Mountain Alpine Bavarian town. I was looking for the perfect set, hand carved from their natural woods, to add to my collection. The Passion Play is portrayed once every ten years and I had waited a long time for this opportunity to see the majesty of the Play in this year 2,000 and purchase a special set from this unique German community.Not knowing which shop to patronize, I visited Tony Baur's shop because of the reputation and excellent reference I received from a local information guide. This hand- carved Seville pine wood set is done by a local woods' craftsman, Walter Fischer, in Oberammergau. All his pieces are skillfully hand carved. Tony, the owner, gave me a choice of the Holy Family - a choice between the traditional Mary and Joseph or the Bavarian look. Being this is my only set of this kind from Germany, of course, I chose the Bavarian Mary and Joseph! He handled my purchase as if I was the only customer he had ever had and shipped the set to me - purchase price, $865.29 American dollars. June 2000.