#742 Grandchildren's Greatest Gift

Acquired 2016

At our extended family Christmas Eve gathering at my sister Carole's house, our kids presented this gift to Bob and me. Knowing my love for the nativity, Jocelyn happened to see books at the Hallmark store that are audible and one of them was of the nativity story. But the unique audible feature is that you record your own voice reading the book! The nativity book had exactly eight pages - which was perfect for each of our grandchildren including Jacob and Bear. The title page was read by all of them and then their individual voices read each of the eight pages. When I comprehended what the book was, and realized my grandchildren were reading it audibly to me, I cried and cried. This is one of the most precious nativity items I have in this collection. The only one that can top this gift is our awesome Family Nativity set! I love my family!