#851 In the Eyes of a Child

Acquired 2019

One of the larger sets that I have added to the collection, this hand-crafted set was purchased at the Hughson Craft Fair, November 2019. As I was strolling through the booths, this darling child faced nativity was at the head of a display counter. I learned this crafter is Linda Hawthorne from Ceres, Linda’s Ceramics, and she makes only one nativity per year because of the amount of work the 17 pieces entail. This colorful grouping with child-awed faces includes pieces not normally in a typical nativity arrangement. They include an angel with her trumpet, a decorated Christmas tree collage, three parts to the walls of the city, as well as the traditional three kings, a shepherd boy with his sheep, a cow, and a donkey. Mary and Joseph are nested together as one piece and Baby Jesus lies in front of them. Linda pours her clay into molds and allows them to harden. At the perfect time, she removes the molds, files down the rough spots, sands them and then fires them. After the time in the kiln, they are then ready for painting. Linda first uses a black antiquing on the pieces and then paints the pieces using the process of air brushing. A light amount of color is brushed to the piece in layers allowing the antiquing to blend through. Once she has attained the coloring that pleases her, then they are sealed and ready for market. I was her “market” for a purchase price of $150. November 2019.