#749 Christmas Cowboy Nativity

Acquired 2016

Artist, Joshua Abraham, also known as Juan Sandoval, can turn a ball of pottery clay into an authentically handmade, one-of-a-kind treasure. Such is the uniqueness of my Christmas Cowboy Nativity. It is one of a kind and made exclusively for Feliz Navidad Sedona. I am honored to have it added to my collection. All of Joshua's pottery pieces are storyteller in nature, with open round mouths. His very first piece as a young man was a Christmas wreath with small clay Native American figures on it and sold it to a store for $15. It sold, and others were ordered. He learned the store was selling it for $189 and his confidence soared until now 32 years later he is world renowned for his work, in museums and published in many magazines. His pieces are one of a kind unless marked with numbers. Each one is personally handmade by him. My set from Feliz Navidad is numbered 1 of 1 and is the only one made! He is of Jewish and Mexican decent - therefore goes by two names - Joshua Abraham and Juan Sandoval.My Christmas Cowboy Nativity has Mary adorned in her cowboy boots. Joseph, in his sombrero, is in a prayerful mode. Baby Jesus is yawning, all wrapped up in his Southwest turquoise swaddling cloth nestled on his four-post manger bed. The three kings, all perched on their bales of hay and heraldingtheir gifts for the Christ Child. One has spurs and chaps, another is bringing a wash bucket filled with a puppy dog, and the third king has his feedbag full of toys for Jesus. Each piece is very heavy and large, about 8” tall. Purchased March 2, 2016, Feliz Navidad Sedona, purchase price, $749 which was discounted for me in that we bought several sets that evening. Normally, online, each of Joshua's pieces sell for about $250.