#777 Sparrow Egg

Acquired 2017

When we returned home from our Texas trip, I had a small package waiting for me in the mail. Upon opening the small box about the size of a jewelry ring box, I was elated to see this precious, small, delicate, dainty nativity made from a possible sparrow egg. It was a gift to me from Heather Trevino, wife of our late financial planner, Tony Trevino. He added a few sets to my collection as he and Heather traveled the world. Now that he is no longer with us, Heather apparently made a trip to Costa Rica and still remembered my collection. I am so overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness.This small nativity egg appears to be a sparrow egg according to my internet research. The egg is about 1 ¼” tall with the “window” cut out and the nativity family placed inside. The egg sits on a purple ceramic resting stand with “Costa Rica” inscribed on the front. I received this wonderful gift in May 2017. Thank you, Heather Trevino.