#124 Tea Set

Acquired 1995

I ordered this set from the Cotton Gin mail order catalog. I saw this nativity set in their catalog for quite some time but didn't think that I wanted any other “traditional” sets. As Robyn was looking at the catalog, she pointed out to me that it said “tea set” - I had totally missed that wording. When I called Cotton Gin, they confirmed it was indeed a tea set! I ordered it immediately and I am so glad I did. Called the Cherished Moments Collection by Artisan Flair, Inc., in Dedham, Maryland, it is only about 5” in diameter and the heads of Joseph, Mary and the angel remove - one for tea, one for cream, one for sugar! The two little sheep are the cups and set on the fur saucer! So precious! Purchase price, $19.99, purchased November 11, 1995.