#600 Larson Nativity

Acquired 2012

On our New Year's motorhome trip in January 2012, we were with Roy and Janice Larson, our dear friends. As I walked into Roy and Janice's lovely new fifth wheel, I saw that they had a nativity set on display. I commented to them “Oh my, how very lovely their set was” and they said, “It's yours”!! Roy was at a Kaiser doctor appointment just before our trip and saw this nativity in their gift shop and wanted it to be part of our collection. I'm so honored that they would do this for me. The pieces are a heavy ceramic style with silver and beige tones and beautiful gold embroidery scroll lines! The set include the three kings, Mary, Joseph, the Baby in a cradle with gold scrolling on his swaddling clothes. It also includes a shepherd holding a lamb, two other lambs, a camel, and a donkey. The wood creche has contemporary styling. Elegant gift! Thank you, Roy and Janice.