#47 Danish Nativity Set

Acquired 1992

This very special set was given to me by Mom when she visited Denmark in August 1992. It comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Hans Christian Andersen Village. Purchase price was 350 Krone or approximately $70. She tells me she searched all over the Scandinavian countries she visited and didn't see any nativity sets. When visiting this little village, she happened to see this precious six-piece wood, hand-painted, set in a store window. But the store was closed. She searched up and down the village streets for another set but to no avail. When asking for nativity sets, many people didn't even know what she was talking about. At one place of business, she mentioned she saw a set in a window, but the store was closed. When explaining where she saw it, the salesperson said that he knew the people at that store and that she should go back and knock on the door. The owners live in the back, and they probably would open for her. In her excitement she went back, did as she was instructed to do, and sure enough, the shop keepers when seeing her pointing to the nativity set, opened their store and she was able to purchase this set for me!