#689 Cruise Ship Nativity

Acquired 2015

To my utmost surprise, I received a package in the mail from our traveling friends, John and Marilyn McGrew from Poulson, MT. We met this lovely couple on our RV trip to the Maritime Canadian Provinces in 2011. Since then, we have been to their home, and they have been to ours and we have crossed paths on other FMCA Rally RV trips in California and Arizona. John was stationed in the Navy in South America and has been on several trips to all the South American countries and on a couple of cruises to the Panama Canal. This year was another Panama Canal Cruise with his daughter's family. Apparently, while docked in Panama City, they visited a gift shop and saw this Cruise Ship Nativity and thought of my collection! The little five-inch ship is stamped Panama and inside the ship is the complete Holy Family with Baby Jesus! So very different! Thank you, John & Marilyn. May 2015.