#130 Keith's Hanging Ornament

Acquired 1995

This gorgeous Christopher Radko large hanging ornament. was a gift to me from Santa Claus. At Carole's house, Christmas Eve, 1995, I received this gift, but it had no name. No one would take credit for it and it became a mystery as to who gave it to me! Finally, Janine mentioned that there was a gift from Santa Claus to me at Keith's office when she stopped in there. I was insistent with Keith, my old boss, that we had to break all ties and stop the Christmas gift giving. He agreed - sort of! He later told me that in appreciation of my hard work he wanted to do one more thing for me and I was very grateful!Christopher Radko pieces are finely crafted unique glass. This piece required one week to make, as it is mouth blown and hand painted. It was made in Italy.