#882 Wool Felted Nativity by the Felt Fairy

Acquired 2021

My sisters, Carole and Pennie, were shopping together in Franklin, TN (near Pennie’s new TN home) and stumbled onto this soft wool felt handmade one-of-a-kind Nativity set in a gift store where each section of items is sold on consignment. Calling Janine to confirm I don’t have this kind of Nativity, they decided it should be a gift to me. The issue was there wasn’t a “Joseph” with the set. In that it is a consignment shop, the clerk couldn’t help in finding him! However, a phone call to the talented craft designer, Nia Hildreth, said she would make another “Joseph” for the set. With that confidence, the girls bought the set. It would be another month before they saw me (when Pennie came to CA for her visit) and that would be ample time for “Joseph” to arrive. But with miscommunication, busy schedules, and days going by, there was no “Joseph.” More phone calls were made. The day before Pennie was flying to CA, “Joseph” arrived, and Pennie was thrilled. However, he was much smaller than Mary and the other Nativity pieces. Disappointed, but anxious to share the gift with me in CA, Carole and Pennie, again, contacted the talented craft designer this time with measurements! She agreed to replace “Joseph” in the proper size. I received him within one week and now have a beautiful, proper sized, Nativity set of this crafter’s beautiful wool felt work. The set includes Mary holding Baby Jesus, Joseph (!), three kings of different heights, a small camel and now a shepherd with a staff (the original Joseph!). Thank you, my precious sisters, for your diligent persistence to bless my collection with this complete elegant Nativity,