#533 The Nativity Ornament Trio

Acquired 2008

This is a three-piece collection of nativity ornaments given to me by Gina Schantz from our Pacesetters group at church. Gina had never met me but heard the announcement that I was looking for co-hostesses for the 2008 Nativity Open House, and she called me by phone to volunteer her time! I was overwhelmed that someone who doesn't even know me would offer to help and I was delighted to have her come. And not only was she an excellent co-hostess, and a charming new friend, but she also brought this trio of nativity ornaments to me saying that she had changed her tree design to all angels and had many ornaments that she was not using. She wanted to share these special nativity ornaments with me!The first ornament is a Bible that says, “Oh come let us adore Him”, with the angel and the three kings depicted as children worshipping Baby Jesus. The second ornament is of the traditional style with Mary, Joseph, and the Holy Baby. The third is a Hallmark Collectors Ornament stable with the dove, the star, the angel, and the donkey inscribed into it. Then three additional small pieces of the Holy Family are the pieces that can hang from a tree or be set on the stable. I received the pieces from Gina on December 12, 2008.