#641 Turtle Nativity

Acquired 2013

One must use their imagination to see the nativity in this set, but it is darling and very special. At the Cleveland FOTC Convention, nativity collector attendees were asked to bring related items for the silent auction. Judy Klein from Sanger, Texas, made this little piece for the auction. (By the way, Judy has over 3,000 nativity items and they are on display in a warehouse building built by her husband and can be seen all year long! We must plan a trip to Texas!)She used a flowerpot bottom, assorted rocks, driftwood, moss, greenery, and small violet flowers to create a lovely outdoor nativity image. Mary turtle along with Joseph turtle nestle on the big rock with Baby Jesus turtle before them. Notice the delicate pair of butterflies peering on as they watch over Baby Jesus.I was the winning silent auction bidder for this sweet nativity at $30. Purchased, October 2013.