#135 Divine Light Nativity - San Francisco Music Box

Acquired 1995

Created by renowned, award-winning artists, Edward Hart and Michael Adams, these men were commissioned by the San Francisco Music Box Company to design this inspiring Divine Light Nativity Set. The collection represents the grand gothic style of art, evoking the beauty and emotion of the nativity. Each sculpture is crated in the finest of hand-painted bisque porcelain. There original works of art are lavishly costumed and embellished with 24 karate gold accents. The production of this piece will not exceed 3,500.Switch on the built-in light behind the “stained glass” windows to frame The Holy Family in a gentle halo of light. Hand-cast metal frames the brilliantly colored “stained glass” windows of durable acrylic. Winding the key starts the imported musical movement playing “Silent Night”.The set includes nine pieces: Mary, Jesus in His manger, Joseph, three kings, an angel, a shepherd, and a camel. All pieces stand on the floor base of the stained-glass window frame. It was a gift to me Christmas, 1995, from Bob. Purchase price $199.