#561 Annalee Dolls

Acquired 2010

We were honored to visit with Ruth Denny Paich, in Apple Valley, CA, at the beginning of our “Mexico RV Caravan” trip, in March 2010. We talked about the many years of time that have passed since we've seen each other. Ruth was our Pastor's wife from the First Church of the Nazarene that we attended in the 1960's and 1970's. We have kept in touch over the years by Christmas cards and she was aware of my nativity collection. She wanted this set, that was passed down to her. to be added to my collection!During the past several years, she bought Avon from an eccentric lady and learned the lady collected many things (some live - many, many cats, and some inanimate - like this Annalee Mouse Nativity set!). She stayed in touch with Ruth for several years as Ruth moved from Spokane, WA, to Apple Valley, CA. Ruth managed a Hallmark Store for a while and sold collectibles and well as greeting cards. Ruth's friend insisted she pass this nativity set down to her, but Ruth didn't want to “sell” it in the store. Therefore, it has stayed in her possession for a few years - until I came to visit! She said she knew exactly what the Lord wanted her to do with the set - add it to my collection; and I was awed and overwhelmed with the story and with Ruth's kindness.The nine-piece mouse doll set was released by Annalee Mobilitee Dolls in 2005, in Meredith, New Hampshire, as six pieces. The next year, 2006, the shepherd and lambs were released. There is also a drummer boy that I do not have in the collection. The set sold for around $175.