#184 Stuffed Doll Nativity

Acquired 1997

This homemade sewn nativity was on display at Beverly Fabrics, a fabric, and craft store here in Modesto, during the summer of 1997. I happened to be in the store and saw the darling display and found out that “Kathleen”, and employee of the store, made it. I talked to her about making one for me, but she wasn't interested, and she wasn't sure if she would allow the store to sell this one or not. But she said she would take my name and phone number and add it to the list in case it should be sold. I saw it once again in October and thought I should follow up with this lady, but I didn't follow through. As a total surprise and shock in December, we received a call from Beverly Fabrics saying that the nativity set was for sale and my name was first on their list! I said a resounding yes and Bob went down to pick it up for me! Purchase price, $241.59.