#735 Tanzania Nativity Set

Acquired 2015

David Grabowski, our mail carrier up to this last fall, became a very dear brother and friend to all of us at Valley Harvest. Not only was he the best mail carrier we've ever had, David touched our hearts because he loved Jesus as much as we do - he is a youth pastor at his church when he isn't delivering mail.He told us about his youth mission trip that was upcoming for this summer 2015, in Tanzania. We heard much about the excitement and anticipation that he and his students had. And he said that he would bring a nativity back to me from Tanzania. However, before the trip took place, his route was changed, and we didn't get to see him anymore. That was last summer.Towards the end of the first day of our 2015 showing, about 5:30 PM, in walked David and said, “I told you I would bring you a nativity from Tanzania” and he plopped a torn up ragged box onto the table. In it was this smart looking natural wood hand-carved 12- piece nativity set! None of the pieces were marked or destroyed even though the box was!!! The set looks African and includes a very different angel - she is ebony black, and the wood used for her is much heavier than the other 11 pieces. I was overwhelmed and so appreciative - and quite surprised! Thank you, David, for your determination and for your kindness to me and to our collection.