#888 Classic Advents Shadow Box Nativity

Acquired 2021

Our family spent a weekend in Genoa, NV, at the Candy Dance Craft Fair again this year, 2021. It takes two days to view all the crafters at this amazing, fun family activity. And be sure to bring your checkbook/credit card! One of the booths we saw was this company, Classic Advents. Owned by Jim Pryor from Twin Falls, Idaho, he had oodles of Nativity Advent Shadow Boxes on display – all different sizes. I could tell that Mark and Laurie would like for me to disappear so they could purchase one as a Christmas gift for me. But we all just moved on. What I didn’t know was that Janine walking around with her family had already purchased one to present to me at Christmas. Mark and Laurie, with phone technology, had already known one was purchased for me.The shadow box she chose for me is 18” x 14” with 25 separate drawers to use for advent ideas. The laser cut and hand-assembled nativity scene is nestled in the top portion of the piece. It includes Mary, Joseph and the Baby in a laser cut manger, surrounded by the stable with the Star of Bethlehem above and similar smaller stars in the sky. Each drawer opens to be filled with surprises of my choice – could be small toys, candy pieces, verses of Scripture of the Christmas story, etc. The set comes with the verses printed out to be cut and used in the drawers and, also 25 ideas of sharing the joy of Christmas with others.Thank you, Janine, for this awesome addition to the collection.