#902 Antique Flight To Egypt

Acquired 2022

This elegant, stunning, eye-catching starched fabric antique one-piece nativity came from an antique store in Branson, MO. Our friends and customers, Harmon and Yvone Beckner, were on a week’s vacation in Branson recently and stumbled across this magnificent piece. Yvone spotted it and wondered if I might already have one – but took a chance anyway and purchased it for me. Oh my, I am so honored that she did! Beige toned flowing fabric was used to cloth Joseph and Mary. Baby Jesus held close to Mary’s bosom is in His swaddling cloth. The three pieces nest together with Joseph in the back, then Mary in front of him and Baby Jesus in her arms. The gorgeous piece shows its antique age by the dingy but glowing gold trim around the bottom of Mary’s dress. The bottom of Joseph’s garment alludes to a sled effect indicating travel. This piece is not of Jesus’ birth, but of the emergency flight to Egypt, as Joseph was alerted by an angel to flee Bethlehem in that Herod was seeking to kill the Child.