#858 Three Kings

Acquired 2019

While not a “Crèche” (display of the birth of Christ), I chose to add this one-piece heavy ceramic molded piece of The Three Kings to my collection. The piece is only 4” tall and is a colorful interesting application of the Kings’ gifts for Jesus. Made in Nicaragua in 2013, January 6th is a significant day of The Kings among the Spanish. Their gift giving to one another is on that day and not Christmas Day. The bold painted kings are bringing toys, flowers, little dolls of the Holy Family with three candles (symbol of the Holy Spirit), a basket of fruit and a pair of shoes with socks. I do not know the symbolism of such an array of gifts, but I wish I did! The piece is also special to me because it came from Emma Lincoln of Cleveland, Ohio. She was a founding member of Friends of the Crèche and was 91years young when I met her in 2013. She had a collection of over 1,000 nativity sets and had them on display in the large display room attached to her massive home. Her daughter, Kathy, lived with her, and managed the collection of nativities, and, also, of doll houses! We visited her home during the FOTC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in October 2013. She passed away at age 95 and left the distribution of the collection to her daughter. Kathy took 300 smaller pieces and bagged them up in darling gift bags to be given to the attendees of the 2019 FOTC convention in Santa Fe, NM. It was a “grab bag” for all registrants. This piece of the Three Kings piece was in my “grab bag”. A wonderful memory in tribute to this fine elderly lady who loved Jesus!