#1 Traditional Nativity

Acquired 1961

This traditional looking nativity was made in Germany. I purchased this set the first year we were married, in 1961, from a mail order catalog and I had it delivered to Dr. Chastain's office. It was the first time I purchased anything “Christmas” on my own and I have no idea how much I paid for it. It is 13 pieces plus the stable. I have displayed it for many years using the hanging gold star above it thumb tacked from the ceiling and with the brown cloth under it and with hay to give it a realistic feeling. The light bulb is any white, small Christmas bulb. When my mom died in 1997 and Sherry Rorex rented the house, Sherry found my mom's nativity in its original box from Woolworth's. In that my mom marked everything, she marked this set from 1961. It turns out the pieces are identical to my set although the setting and stable were different. In that my pieces became sticky having been made from a rubber base, I substituted her pieces in my set as I display it.