#318 Soapstone from Katie

Acquired 2001

My blessed niece, Katie Fernandes Aschwanden, always thinks of me when she sees nativity sets. She found this 12-piece soapstone set while visiting the Christmas Craft Fair at the United First Methodist Church here in Modesto in December 2001. She gave it to me that Christmas. This set is distinguished because the creator used a flat base as the stable. It was displayed by Serv International from South America.Soapstone is a mineral rock available worldwide. The color of soapstone will vary according to location. It contains talc and chlorite. In fact, the purest talc is used commercially to make talcum powder! Soapstone is found, taken to the mill, and cut into appropriate sizes for carving. After the piece is sculpted, it is polished to its finished state. The color seen in this nativity sets is basic white with hints of red hues.