#774 Zebra Wood

Acquired 2017

During our 35-day RV tour of South Africa, I was, of course, on the look-out for a nativity set. In that we traveled in February and March, I didn't find a nativity set anywhere. I did see two sets, but they were exactly what I already had in the collection.On the last day of our trip, we were at a resort in Zambia visiting Victoria Falls. They had a large village market at the entrance, and I made a quick trip over to it the morning we were leaving. There were so many booths that it was almost impossible to comprehend what all was available. I was looking for a specific zebra wood serving dish another traveler had purchased at another village. I rushed up and down each of the booths searching for the dish and stumbled across this only nativity there! And it was made from zebra wood! The look is much like cherry wood with a deep red wood tone.The set I purchased includes ten pieces - three animals, a shepherd, the Holy Family and the three kings. My final accepted price was 780 Rand - approximately $60 American dollars. Purchased March 24, 2017 - Livingstone, Zambia.