#554 Amish Nativity Set

Acquired 2009

Bob and I visited the Amish Country in Indiana in July 2009, but I didn't find an Amish nativity set while there. However, when browsing through the Abbey Press mail order catalog, I was delighted to see an Amish nativity set. Without hesitation, I ordered it! Typical of Amish dolls, they are faceless, much like the Amish people who, in humility, do not want to be photographed. This darling resin set includes 12 pieces and a small stable. The stable includes a blue Star of Bethlehem, and the men characters all wear the typical men's Amish hats. Known for their beautiful tapestries, quilts and blankets, their talent is depicted by the Amish style carpet that is included with the 12 pieces. In tones of browns and blues, the set includes three animals. Very simple in style and typical of their humble reverence for Christ. Purchased Abbey Press, July 2009, reasonably priced, $42.75.