#231 Delft Blue – Holland

Acquired 2000

Running downstairs in our Amsterdam Hotel to purchase an umbrella for the threatening clouds, I saw this Delft Blue Nativity set! It was the only nativity Set in this small smoke and magazine shop with the typical tourist “cheap” souvenirs. Of course, the nativity was in a locked case. It was about 5:55 PM, with the bus leaving at 6:00 for dinner and the store closing at 6:00 PM. I didn't have time to really observe the set and the salesperson wasn't interested in helping me because he wanted to go home! But he did give me a business card with the E-mail address!Once we were back in the States, I started to pursue buying this set. It took several emails to get the order understood. They didn't know what “Nativity” was. They called it a Christmas Set! It was November before the set was mailed to me. The purchase price for the “Christmas Set” and shipping was less than what the salesman quoted me in Amsterdam - $400.It was purchased from Victoria Gifts and comes with an authentic certificate. The Ceramic Industry M. de Wit warrants that this Delft blue earthenware is hand-painted and labeled with their mark. November 2000.