#338 Limoges

Acquired 2002

This awesome, elegant, unique delicate set has been a dream of mine to add to my collection for many years. I was given a name of a salesman in the LA area to call - he was supposed to have access to Limoges pieces. I kept his name for over a year in the “to do” pile and decided to make that phone call in hopes to add this exquisite set to my collection before my December 2002 Open House! I made the call and found the gentlemen was an area representative for Limoges and was able to order this gorgeous set wholesale and direct! This eleven-piece Limoges nativity scene is a sensational choice for anyone who is a serious collector. Each stunning piece is an exceptional example of the finest in Limoges artistry. The Limoges porcelain tabatieres are tobacco boxes! Each piece is a reproduction of a tobacco box popular with the French society in the middle of the 18th century. Each piece is handmade and decorated in the historic porcelain center of Limoges, France. While this collection can be purchased through a few selected distributors, the distributor I used is from the Rochard collection, New York Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. The list price of this collection is $1,399. My wholesale cost was $888.