#816 German Pyramid

Acquired 2018

After more than 20 years, my Bucket List dream came true and Bob and I were in Frankenmuth, MI, to visit Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. What an amazing delight to browse the aisles of this spell-binding exquisite store that is one and one-half lengths of a football field! Bob and I were there for six hours! While I made several purchases of Christmas items, I found two nativities that “had to be added” to my collection. I have not had a traditional German pyramid nativity and my eyes grabbed onto this one because of its simplicity. Made in Germany and marketed through Bronner’s, I decided to add this softly colored, plain faced, light wood pyramid to my collection. The heat from the four tea lights around the base of the pyramid activate the propeller as it spins around the two stories of nativity figures. The top floor is the Holy Family and donkey. The bottom floor is the three kings with a shepherd and two sheep. The twelve-piece propeller can be disassembled for storage. Purchased, May 2018 - $165.