#748 Karlene Voepel Grande Nativity

Acquired 2016

Karlene Voepel started making her tiny nativity sets in 1980 when her daughter was born. The first set consisted of only a donkey, sheep, and Baby Jesus. In 2010, Karlene developed a larger, deluxe nativity set with the sixteen figures and pieces that are in my set. Her classic Southwest animals are part of the set: a coyote, armadillo and javelina, and elegant horse with his cowboy, a cow, and a sheep. Mary has brown hair and Joseph is displayed with a full round head and beard of grey. Baby Jesus is resting comfortably in his bed of hay covered by a Southwest colored blanket. The angel represents the Hopi Indian tribe, the three wise men represent the Sioux, Seminole, and Totonac Indian tribes. Her sets include a stoneware stable similar to the adobe home, and vigas, trimmed peeled logs from trees, to support the adobe walls and roofs.Karlene now lives near the Sedona area, coming from New Mexico, and is influenced by the Sedona red rock area. She is of Cherokee and German heritage, grew up in Missouri, studied art at Stephens College and Washington University. Each piece is handmade and signed by Karlene. Purchased, March 2, 2016, purchase price, $299.