#425 Pot Belly Nativity

Acquired 2005

Purchased from What on Earth, from one of their close-out magazine sales, at $19.98. Original price was $49.95. I almost let this one go, but in looking for different Nativities I at least decided to give it a try. I could return it if I didn't like it! Turns out that it is one of the most unique sets that I have purchased during this year!Pot Belly's are a collection of miniature figurines, usually from the waist up, with secret compartments holding tiny treasures. Each piece is one to two inches high. Originals models are carved at Martin Perry Studios in the area of Cotswolds, England. Each piece is cast by crushed marble after which they are hand painted and tinted. Martin Perry designs his Pot Belly figurines to highlight key people in history and in this case, the highlight is the nativity. Each piece includes a card that narrates the historical events of that person. In 2004, the nativity was added, designed exclusively for Art and Artifact of which What on Earth is a division.The three pieces are treasure boxes. When you open Mary, her head lifts and inside there is a little heart to remind us that she “treasured these things in her heart” knowing that she gave birth to God's only Son. When we open Joseph, a hammer is revealed to remind us that he was the humble earthly father of Baby Jesus and a carpenter by trade. When you open Jesus, you find a lamb inside. This is to remind us that Jesus is the perfect Lamb of God and that He came to lay down His life for the sins of the world. When I received this set, needless to say, there was no way I would think of returning it.