#834 Tin Flat Box Nativity

Acquired 2018

My sister, Pennie, and Ann Bonfiglio were in a Mexican Resort in Cabo San Lucas for a much-deserved vacation. While meandering around the tourist shops, Ann spotted this nativity up on a shelf. Obviously, Pennie couldn’t reach it, so they called for a clerk to bring it down. The tin box is flat and closed. But when the lid is opened it houses ten different colored tin figures of the nativity that pull up. The lid of the box becomes the backdrop and is painted with colorful flowers and a star. The interesting story of this nativity purchase was passed on to me by Pennie and Ann. The clerk stated when the Spaniards came over to Mexico many centuries ago, they convinced the Mexicans that tin had more value than the gold that was discovered there. The Mexicans gave the gold to the Spaniards and kept the natural resource of the tin – therefore, there is now more tin of less value in Mexico than gold! The nativity set was gifted to me December 2018.