#730 Door Grapevine Wreath

Acquired 2015

When arriving home one day during our nativity set up, I saw this lovely wreath sitting on top of a box in our family room. I didn't think the wreath belonged to me and I didn't recognize it. Neither did Bob nor the girls working on the set up know anything about it. They assumed it was mine! Well, with 729 nativity sets and many items for decorating, maybe it was mine!!??? It was beautiful with the Star of Bethlehem at the top of the grapevine wreath, the two angels perched on the sides and the Holy Family nestled together at the bottom of the circle. Arrayed in natural hews and soft color, it was a lovely piece to hang from the family room back door.It was about three days later that my dear friend and past employee, Maritza Moreno, came by our office to make sure I received the nativity wreath!!! She had found it at a garage sale (as she did other outstanding nativity items that I have from her) and purchased it for me!! Mystery solved! I am so honored, and her tastes are exquisite! Thank you, Maritza!!!