#421 Jordan's Quickie Nativity

Acquired 2005

Our Granddaughter, Jordan, at the age of nine, was planning to come Grandma's house for the night and decided she wanted to bring a little present to me. So, about 30 minutes before she left her house, she decided to create this little nativity. She used a piece of a Ritz Cracker box, cut it out to form a creche, and painted it brown. The base of the nativity is the other part of the Ritz Cracker Box turned inside out, with the rough side up to look like the dirt floor. Jordan made Mary and Joseph out of little pieces of felt, with gold balls for the heads. To make the arms for Mary & Joseph she used a paper clip. Baby Jesus is about the size of half a match box, made from a plaid cloth wrapped around a cotton ball to make the figure. She brought this special nativity to me in August 2005.