#754 Calabria Cross

Acquired 2016

Our granddaughter, Jordan, went to Calabria, Italy for a month in June 2016. Calabria, in southwest Italy, occupies the toe of the country's boot-shaped peninsula. It is a sunbaked region of rugged mountains, old-fashioned villages, and dramatic coastline with many popular beaches. Coastal Reggio Calabria, its largest city, is where she attended an Italian Cooking School Summer Program.While there in her opportunities to visit the coastal area, she was on the look-out for an Italian nativity for me. She honored me with this 4” tall Calabrian style cross with the Italian colors of red and green intricate design. The Holy Family is mounted on the middle of the cross. A gold line bridges the two sides of the cross creating the “manger” for Baby Jesus. Thank you, sweet Jordan.