#750 Saguaro Nativity

Acquired 2016

The Saguaro is the State Flower of Arizona. The stately large cactus reaches out into the hot sun all over the state. It is only appropriate that a Saguaro Nativity set would be found in Arizona. This small nativity of the Holy Family and a Saguaro is made exclusively for Feliz Navidad by a local artist from Jerome, AZ, Margo Mandette. She made other nativities that I have in my collection.She has over 45 years of experience and her work is handmade without the use of any molds. Her pieces are fired twice and most of them have a terracotta with a glazed turquoise finish. Such is this exclusive Saguaro Nativity piece. Purchased March 2, 2016, at Feliz Navidad, purchase price $45.