#623 Lacy's Revolving Christmas Globe

Acquired 2013

My daughter-in-law, Laurie's daughter, Lacy Schroyer, loves to go to garage sales in her hometown of Tieton, WA. She stumbled across this beautiful large nativity globe and remembered that I have a nativity collection. So, she purchased it, and saved it for my very special 70th birthday and Mark and Laurie, coming down from Washington, brought this beautiful gift to me. The globe, quite heavy, winds up and plays “Joy to the World”. The actual globe itself does not circulate and neither does the base. But housed within the base is the music box that does revolves. The base has three different openings allowing the revolving nativity story to be seen. As it passes by, it depicts the flight to Egypt, a scene of the shepherds, and a scene of the Holy Family with Baby Jesus. The piece stands about 10 inches high, and the base is about 5 inches in diameter. It was added to my collection in March 2013.