#800 Evey’s Christmas Atwater Nativity

Acquired 2017

This darling nine-piece set is from our secretary, Evelyn Gonser. As she presented it to me, she told me she knows my friends are not to buy any more sets, but this one she couldn’t resist and I’m glad she didn’t! She found this hand created, wood whimsical child-like set while visiting her Mom in Atwater. The maker of the set lives in the same complex as her Mom and invited Evey to see her craft items. When Evey saw the Nativity, she couldn’t pass it up. Made by Janice Gibbs, she is a “do it all” crafter. She cuts and shapes the pieces of wood with her personal jigsaw and then paints the pieces. I particularly like Baby Jesus, - He is resting in his Candy Cane manger!