#74 Itty Bitty World Nativity

Acquired 1993

Created by United Design Corporation, this hand-cast bonded porcelain set is an original sculptured set released for the first time in 1992. This set is available in two sizes (of which mine is the small set) and in two finishes - Winterlight and hand painted; mine is hand painted.Mom visited The Brass Latch in April 1993, and introduced herself to the owners, Jim, and JoAnn Watkins. They remembered me and, of course, brought her up to date with the newest nativity releases, including this set. Mom purchased the pieces they had available at that time as a gift for me. These pieces include:Stable and Angel, $30.00Joseph, $5.95 Mary, $5.95Baby Jesus, $5.95Camel, $5.95Donkey, $5.95Of the pieces released in 1992, I am missing the sheep. New for 1993 will be a shepherd and three kings.She visited The Brass Latch again in October 1993 and picked up for me the remaining pieces of the set:Sheep, $5.95Shepherd, $8.95Gift of Gold King, $8.95Worship the King, $8.95Eastern King, $8.95